Growth Capital for SaaS and Recurring Revenue Companies. Simplified.

Zero Friction. Zero Dilution. Zero Delay.


Access up to 6x MRR


No dilution. No discounts.


Easy application. Fast outcome.

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Access up to 6 x MRR

No equity.
No personal guarantees.


Easy 3 steps application.
Same day approval.

Trade your monthly contracts and turn them into annual cash advances instantly

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Why choose ARR Squared's financing?

Dashboard Ownership

Retain greater ownership and control

We don’t take equity, we don’t dilute your investors, and we don’t ask you for personal guarantees and a board seat.

Stop discounting your services for annual upfront payments

Your customers keep paying monthly, you access the full value of your annual contract value (ACV) upfront without discounting to receive annual upfront payments.

Invoice Discount
Business Analysis

Turn your future customer payments into non-dilutive growth capital

Convert recurring payments into non-dilutive growth capital. We advance the revenues that you are contracted to receive in the future.

Extend your runway and improve equity valuation

We help extend your runway by unlocking non-equity growth capital.

Growth Curve
Data Report Growth Capital

Leverage your data to access growth capital

We are technology driven. We support rapid onboarding and underwriting by securely connecting to your systems.

Is ARR Squared right for your business?

Tech and SaaS
Recurring Revenue

We primarily back companies with predictable recurring revenue streams in North America, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and the European Union.

$15k MMR
$15k+ MRR

Your MRR has averaged at least $15K in the past three months with some customer diversity.

Investment Data

Profitability is not a requirement, but we are focused on your month on month growth.

If you believe you are not eligible for our funding today, simply connect your systems and we will let you know when you qualify for our funding in the future.

How it works

Access non-dilutive growth capital in 3 steps

Sign up and connect your systems. Securely.
We analyze your revenue and provide you with a trading limit up to 6x MRR within minutes.
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Select your monthly subscriptions to trade and convert them into annual cash advances instantly.
Once approved, you will see your customer contracts ready to trade. You simply select the contracts against which you want to receive growth capital. We typically transfer funds in 24 hours.
Unlock more growth capital as you grow
ARR Squared syncs with your systems and analyzes your contracts in real-time. We increase your trading limit or capital available to you as you grow.

Ready to unlock growth for your business? 

Connect your systems to find out how much growth capital you can access now.