Growth Capital for SaaS. Simplified.

Trade your monthly subscriptions and turn them into discount-free annual payments.

Zero Friction. Zero Dilution. Zero Delay.

growth capital for Saas

Benefits For SaaS Founders

Quick access to funds
No dilution for founders and early stage investors
No discounts for customers for upfront payments
Extend runway and improve equity valuation
Calculate Runway

How it works?

1. Sync Your Subscription Software In Real-Time

Sync your Subscription Software In Software in Real - Time
Select Your Monthly Subscription to trade

2. Select Your Monthly Subscriptions To Trade

3. Receive
12-Months Cash Advance

Receive 12 Months Cash Advance
Is ARR SQUARED Right For My Company?
Arr Squared


Preet Gona
Preet Gona
CEO & Co-Founder
Alexis Zirah
Alexis Zirah
CGO & Co-Founder